Amplify your trading to be in to win valuable gifts

Honor the month of festive with Lirunex

1 May – 31 May 2022

Amplify your trading to
be in to win valuable gifts

Honor the month of
festive with Lirunex

1 May – 31 May 2022
For new and existing accounts
Min. Deposit
10 June 2022
Winner Announcement
Days Left
The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.


RewardsFresh DepositLot SizePax
Iphone 1330,000 USD500 Lots2
Ipad15,000 USD300 Lots3
iWatch Latest Series10,000 USD250 Lots5
RM 500 (Duit Raya)5,000 USD90 Lots10
Gold Bar (1 G)1,000USD40 Lots30
Lirunex Merchandise200 USD5 Lots50
On a first-come, first-served basis; subject to availability


The product images shown are for illustration purposes only. On a first-come, first-served basis; subject to availability. 

Iphone 13

Fresh Deposit: 30,000 USD
Lot Size: 500 Lots
Pax: 2


Fresh Deposit: 15,000 USD
Lot Size: 300 Lots
Pax: 3

iWatch Latest Series

Fresh Deposit: 10,000 USD
Lot Size: 250 Lots
Pax: 5

RM 500 (Duit Raya)

Fresh Deposit: 5,000 USD
Lot Size: 90 Lots
Pax: 10

Gold Bar (1 G)

Fresh Deposit: 1,000USD
Lot Size: 40 Lots
Pax: 30

Lirunex Merchandise

Fresh Deposit: 200 USD
Lot Size: 5 Lots
Pax: 50

How does it work?

Sign up with The Hills
that is best suited for your trading style.

Fund at least $200 to your trading account and
CAN NOT make a withdrawal within the promotion.

Fund at least $200 to your trading account and CAN NOT make a withdrawal within the promotion.

Fill in the Contest Entry Form. Fund and trade accordingly to win amazing prizes such as iPhone 13, iPad, iWatch, RM500 cash prize, 1g gold bar, or exclusive Lirunex merchandise.

Application Form


    I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

    General Rule

    • LIRUNEX LIMITED is the organizer of the “FIESTA RAYA” promotion.
    • This promotion is open to both existing and new customers of LIRUNEX LIMITED.
    • This promotion is only valid for The Hills account types.
    • This promotion opens to individuals of legal age in all countries around the world.
    • The “FIESTA RAYA” promotion registration starts on the 1st of May 2022 until the 31st of May 2022.
    • The Entrant hereby acknowledges, confirms and agrees to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions as set out in this Promotion and/or other legally binding agreement between the Entrant and the Company.

    Participation Criteria

    • The Entrant has to ensure that the account used for this promotion is a fresh account with no trading history prior
      to application.
    • Only ONE (1) Live Account is allowed per participant, regardless of the number of accounts held by the participant.
    • The trading account must not be use to apply with other campaigns and/or promotions.
    • A PAMM/MAM account is strictly prohibited during this promotion or else the Entrant will be disqualified.
    • Transfers of funds between accounts are not considered deposits.
    • During the promotion, the deposit the Entrant make can be accumulated however, cannot be withdrawn.

    Reward Granting Requirement

    • The level of prizes that the Entrant gets is decided based on the highest amount of the deposit and the highest number of trading lot sizes achieved on the trading account – on a first-come, first-serve basis; subject to availability.
    • An Entrant deposited the required initial amount, and for every completion of lots from 1st May 2022 until 31st May 2022, will stand a chance to win the prizes on the following conditions:
    Deposit Fresh DepositBonusPax
    iPhone 13$30,000500 lots2
    Ipad$15,000300 lots3
    iWatch Latest Series$10,000250 lots5
    Cash RM 500$5,00090 lots10
    Gold Bar 1G$1,00040 lots30
    Lirunex Merchandise$2005 lots50
    • Prizes redemption is invalid if the Entrant cannot achieve the required lot size in a specific time.
    • The Winners will be announced in Jun 2022 and will be notified at their registered email. However, the prize will be distributed within ONE (1) month after the announcement.
    • The Entrant must ensure the shipping details provided are accurate to receive the reward timely.


    • The organizer reserves the right to withdraw the rewards if the Entrants do not comply with the promotion Terms and Conditions.
    • The organizer has the right to disqualify any Entrant suspected of having violated or breached any of these Terms and Conditions and reserves the right to take legal action against any individual who is believed to have carried out fraudulent activities or any other activities which affect the promotion.
    • The Organizer reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of this promotion at any time at the sole and absolute discretion without prior notice.
    • By submitting the form, you are deemed to agree and grant LIRUNEX LIMITED access and/or monitor the trading activity of your account, and/or expose your trading records of the loyalty program period without your further concern.
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